Simon and Cool live harmoniously in San Diego, California. The cat and dog duo have been friends for five years and have learned to tolerate each other's strange behaviors.


Simon Simon, (aka Simon-cat), like any typical cat, prefers to keep to himself. He only wants attention on his own terms, stares you down as if he knows what you are thinking, and of course, will let you know when he's hungry (at 5:00AM). Simon was a rescue cat from the San Diego Humane Society.


Cool Cool, (aka Cool-dog), is the exact opposite of Simon (then again, most cats and dogs are). Cool likes to be with his mom and dad all of the time. He doesn't really enjoy being left alone and loves lots of pets and attention. Did I mention he's the best door greeter? Cool was rescued from a breeder who claimed he was "half wolf".

Together, Simon and Cool get along very well. Simon occasionally tries to seek out attention from Cool. One would even think they miss each other when the other's not around.